Custom Brand Guidelines in Moments

1Brand creates a custom brand guidelines website for your brand, making it easy to keep your brand consistent and strong.

Our software collects your brand colors, fonts, and logos from your website, so you only need to adjust and customize. Take control of your brand and stay ahead in the marketplace with more flexibility than old-fashioned PDFs.

Simply enter your URL, and let us do the heavy lifting.

Build your brand guidelines!
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Our Customers

In-house marketers

An important goal for any business, non-profit, government, or educational institution is to create a strong brand to help fulfill that organization's goals. Whether you're a solo founder wearing the marketing hat or leading a marketing team for a medium-sized business, prioritizing branding can be hard. 1Brand's tools make it easy to help your team, vendors, and the media use your brand consistently. 1Brand is a branding win in five minutes.
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Consultants & agencies

Brands of all sizes rely on external talent to assist in defining their brand. Whether you're a solo consultant or run an agency, 1Brand increases the value of your branding work for clients. Make brand project hand-off easier, and help your clients use your branding work consistently and effectively with brand operations software built for agencies.
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Use cases

How 1Brand Helps

Save time

1Brand saves you time by creating a single source of truth for your brand, so you won't need to waste time searching for your brand assets.


Reduce frustration

Eliminate the frustration of searching for the right version of your logos and the uncertainty of whether you're using the current version.

Impress partners

Give partners the confidence that they're working with a well-organized, professional brand. Share your brand guidelines to make co-marketing efforts more consistent and effective.


Empower vendors

Help your brand vendors deliver great branding work by giving them your brand details and assets they need to deliver great work. Get better results in less time from printing shops, events, and signage vendors.

Your brand is what other people say about you when you're not in the room.

— Jeff Bezos, Amazon

How 1Brand works

1Brand uniquely creates a beautiful custom website brand book with powerful brand asset management tools, with a user experience that's so easy non-experts can deliver impactful results. We use touches of automation to simplify creating or editing your guidelines while leaving you in full control.

Results in moments

Enter your brand's URL, and we'll automatically collect your logos, colors, and fonts from your website. You can get started in moments, creating a guideline for your current brand. You can also choose to start from scratch if you're doing a rebrand or refresh.

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