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Why We Built 1Brand


We're marketers and product builders. The story of 1Brand starts the way many of yours probably did: We joined a company or an agency and needed to work with an existing brand identity to generate business results. We didn't create the brand, and we usually didn't know who did or see how the brand story came together. But, we felt a sense of stewardship of the brand and wanted to treat it with care. That noble intent almost immediately collided with the reality of getting our job done, and we made compromises. This happened to us repeatedly in different roles.

The thing is, these compromises weren't just for our brand. When we needed to source a customer or partner logo for a co-marketing campaign or social proof, we'd ask them for their official, high-resolution logo and brand colors. LOL. We assumed that these folks had a source of truth for their brand, and we just needed to ask. It took a long time for us to realize that despite branding being pervasive in our everyday experience, all of these brands were just getting by through sheer force of individual will and capital investment.

That was our aha! moment: That every brand can shine and that we can build products to help brands shine at a global scale. This is our core belief about branding. But we also know that "making your brand shine" is peak marketing-speak (even though we truly believe this), so I also want to talk about the specific problems that we're looking to solve and for whom.

Brand is an immense, rich, and diverse topic, so we had to decide where to focus. The core need that we heard was:

I already have a brand; I just need to use my brand to grow.

With that in mind, we decided to focus on existing brands. 1Brand, at least in the near term, is not focused on creating or designing new brands. Instead, we're focused on helping the millions of existing brands worldwide generate more value.

Our vision is to help brands grow with compelling brand storytelling, told consistently and repeatedly, to the audiences that matter to them. Our initial product is a brand guidelines website that brands can share with their team, partners, and vendors to tell their story consistently. Our online brand guidelines have powerful brand asset management built right into the experience, so you have one solution to tell your brand story and help others tell that story consistently. Because we know that the hardest part of creating a source of truth is getting started, we use smart automation to make it easy to create guidelines populated with your brand in just a few moments.

Brand guidelines and visual brand assets are just where we chose to start, and we know there is a lot more to do to execute our vision of helping every brand shine. We're bootstrapping 1Brand, and we've been just as focused on creating the team and culture to deliver on this vision as we have been on making our first product. We created our SEWS with an F values to guide us along this path, and we're excited to have you be a part of our story from the beginning.

1Brand has a great free tier and is easy enough for anyone to use, so getting started with 1Brand is just a few clicks away.