1Brand Features

1Brand is a brand guideline website builder combined with brand asset management, along with a touch of automation to make getting started easy. Instead of a brand portal, our unique approach is to build a digital brand book website that is easy for you to update and so beautiful that you'll want to share it.

Easy Onboarding

One of the hardest parts of branding is knowing where to start. 1Brand makes this easy by automatically creating your brand guidelines from your website. Simply enter your brand's website address and 1Brand will automatically collect the colors, fonts, and logos used on your website to pre-populate your brand guidelines. Our unique process keeps you in full control of your brand. You can always choose to start with a blank brand - perfect for rebranding!

Brand Management

Your brand will change over time as your business, your product, and your market changes. Keeping your brand updated is easy with 1Brand's brand management features. You can make changes to your brand elements at any time and publish changes to your brand guidelines when you're ready.

Brand Colors

Your brand colors are an important way that your customers identify you. 1Brand makes it easy to manage and share your brand colors so you can be sure the correct color formulas are used in the right situations. Easily organize your brand colors with tags so you can be specific about how your brand colors are used.

Brand Colorways

There are many different ways to represent a color, and these are known as colorways. You may know your brand colors in a common color model such as hexadecimal or RGB, but your vendors and partners may need a specific color model. Don't leave your brand to chance. 1Brand automatically translates you brand colors into the most common color formats. Pro customers can choose which color models to offer their colors in, and adjust the values for each color model to make sure their brand is respesented exactly as desired in each color model.


Your brand logos are a symbol that connects your audience with your brand. Many brands have multiple versions of their logo for different uses. 1Brand is not design software, and we can't create a logo for you. However, our powerful brand asset management features let your brand guideline also be the place to get the right version of your logo for anyone who needs it.

Logos Usage

1Brand's guidelines define the acceptable ways your brand logos can be used. Our powerful logo clearspace tool makes it easy for you to define the minimum amount of space to be left around your logos so it has the space you need. Our logo rules feature creates custom examples of changes that are not allowed to your logo.

Logo File Formats

Internal teams, vendors and other may need your logo in a specific file format. You can upload each file type needed for a logo. For Pro subscribers, 1Brand will automatically convert a vector file that you upload into the most common vector and raster logo file formats. You have full control over which file types are offered.

Brand Fonts

The typefaces and fonts that you use for your brand are an important part of your visual brand identity. 1Brand makes it easy to define each font approved for your brand, and the styles that they should use. We integrate with multiple font sources, not just Google fonts, so we support hundreds of thousands of font designs.

Tag to Organize

We know that keeping your brand organized is a challenge. 1Brand makes this easy, with a convenient tagging system you can use to specify how your colors, fonts and logos are used.

Customize In Moments

Your brand guideline document helps tell the story of your brand. For Pro subscribers, 1Brand makes it easy to customize the visual look of your brand guideline website by choosing the cover page design, color and logo to use on your brand guideline cover.

Collaborate and Share

Your brand is in the hands of everyone you work with, from employees to vendors and the media. And, of course, your customers. With 1Brand brand guidelines, you can easily share your brand details with those who need to use them. And when you make updates, everyone gets the updates at the same time. No more hunting for a PDF brand book and hoping it's updated and current.

Brand Guidelines On Your Website

While many organizations are secretive about their brand, we believe that your brand will be talked about outside your offices and it's better to be engaged in the conversation about your brand. Publishing your brand guidelines on your website, such as on the About page, is a great way to take public ownership of your brand. It's easy to embed your 1Brand guidelines as a page on your website.

Basic Guidelines for Free

We believe that every brand can shine, and we know that not having the tools or knowing where to start is what holds many brands back. Our Basic tier allows any brand to build a beautiful, powerful brand guideline in moments. It's easy to upgrade from Basic to Pro at any time, when you decide to invest in your brand.

Your agency team

1Brands comprehensive agency white labelling allows you to personalize the 1Brand experience with your company branding, helping to build brand loyalty with existing clients, and attract new customers to your agency.

easy client management

We make it fun and easy to manage your clients’ brands. You have one easy view of all your clients from your client portal. Favorite your active clients to keep them one click away. Our easy client switcher lets you move between your favorited clients in just a click, without even returning to your client portal.

Unlimited clients

Whether you need one client account or hundreds, 1Brand scales with your agency, allowing you to add as many client accounts as you need. Our comprehensive client management features mean that even large agency groups will have no problem managing their clients’ branding needs.

Upgrade clients as needed

Flexibility built-in! It is easy to upgrade your client accounts as their needs change. Depending on your requirements, choose between Pro Client or a Plus Client plan. Find out more about the benefits of each plan here.

Easy client billing

With 1Brand client billing is a breeze. Easily manage client billing and subscriptions from your client dashboard, giving you more time to focus on billable time and growing your business.

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